Free Speech The Camp Experience

The following is made up … but should be pretty close to accurate. 🙂

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Dear diary,

I just arrived and checked in for the WW Free Speech Dancer’s Retreat Weekend. We had a sit-down dinner with all the attendees and of course my vegan, paleo, gluten free but high-proten diet was accommodated. We then went out to the studio for the welcome dance, listening to the sound of the rain outside and Leify Green playing a live acoustic set inside … it was lovely.

Dear diary,

I went downstairs this morning, grabbed coffee, and hit the hot tub. Shaheed and Nugent were already in there talking about some dance related topics. I can’t believe how nice those guys are. And how inclusive everyone here is. It’s certainly nice to dance with my peers and to be able to share my thoughts and feelings about West Coast Swing so openly. After the catered breakfast, we went back out to the studio with a list of topics to handle today. We each took turns presenting items of the dance that were important to us and after the lunch break, we did mock jack & jills where we gave positive and negative feedback to each other.